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The headline is not misleading and a press release would not do this announcement justice. After a year of discussion, permits, and soul searching the big track is coming back in 2024.

It is hard to put into words what brought us to this point but I will try my best. XR Events had originally planned to bring back Pennsboro Speedway as the big track. In the process a number of obstacles stood in our way. Mostly pertaining to permits and massive construction expenses.

This led us down a path to revise our agreement and build a quarter mile on the existing track. The new track had been shaped and our timeline was on track yet it didn’t feel right. It never felt right going down this path but business dictated this move. We moved a lot of dirt, spent a fair amount of money, and all plans had been put in motion to open in the spring.


We asked our grader operator to clean off the old track. We wanted to take another look. It was instinct followed by a number of lucky breaks. We were able to get some good news on permits, soil, insurance, and the most important factor, the people.

The people of Ritchie County had a similar vision without discussion. When that meeting was held in December 2023, a magic took over the room and the energy was unbelievable. Our goals matched that of the fairboard. I gave them my word we would consider how to make this work and officially, we have.

I reflected on the rebuild of North Wilkesboro Speedway and how I was adamant on how the old stadium would not be touched. I listened to the stories of the locals and how much that old track meant to them. We considered and learned of the battle to save the racetrack by the Ritchie County Fairboard and people of Ritchie County. Then it turned to the business aspect and how we can make this more than a novelty. If Knoxville and Port Royal can do it, why can’t we?

XR Events is known to take on the impossible. With the help of the Ritchie County Fairboard, we will restore the Magic of Pennsboro Speedway. I am elated to announce that XR Events has entered into a multi-year agreement to bring back the original Pennsboro Speedway.

We are postponing the April 20, 2024 date. We plan to open with the Race of Regions on Memorial Day Weekend. We ask you to have some patience as we reboot operations and perform a miracle–or magic.


Barry Braun
XR Events

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