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Tire Testing

2024 Tire Testing Rundown

Tires Tested: 36
Altered Tires: 0
Amount Spent: $4910.00

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Updated 4/1/24
XR Super Series

Tire Rules may be adjusted at any time for any reason and will be properly communicated though text, email, and social media.

  • LF: Any Late Model Tire (Hoosier or American Racer).
  • RF, LR, RR: Hoosier NLMT 2, NLMT 3, NLMT 4, American Racer 44, 48, Pro3/56, Pro 4. All American Racers must be stamped SPEC.
  • No Limit.
  • Can Mix Brands.

Additional Info:

  • Grooving, Siping, Drilling of tires are allowed.
  • Only approved tires will be permitted for use in competition.
  • Chemical alterations, vulcanizing, tire softening, defacing, and/or altering the face of the tire lettering and/or tire stamping will not be permitted.
  • Tires may be inspected at any time.

Extensive Tire Testing will be conducted at every event.

XR Events Tire Sample & Lab Testing Process

  • Teams must be ready to take tire samples at any time during the race night.
  • Tire is marked for inspection by XR Events Official.
  • XR Events Official confirms marked tire upon notifying the team of the sample.
  • Member of team removes marked tire from car.
  • Member of team utilizes teams equipment to remove samples as instructed.
  • Up to (5) samples will be taken per marked tire.  Samples will be approximately one (1”) inch and taken from anywhere indicated by an XR Events Official.  
  • As samples are removed the team member will place them inside a vial that an XR Events Official will be holding. Only one sample per vial.  Team member will than screw lid onto vial.  Seal tape will then be applied to vialed.
  • All sample data and photos of each sample are entered into an electronic database. Each sample is digitally signed by an XR Events Official, team member, and witness. 
  • Sealed vial will then be placed inside of the evidence bag.  Once placed inside, the evidence bag is sealed.  Evidence bag is then marked with the following: (Indicator “Sample #1-5”, Date Code, Tire Compound, Date of Event,).
  • Simultaneously, Sample #1 and #2 is sent to Blue Ridge Labs and Sample #3 is sent to ADRL for analysis.
  • Sample #4 is retained by the Series if additional testing is needed.
  • If sampled tires are found to not confirm to manufacturers submitted benchmark they are deemed illegal.  Driver and/or car owner will be notified of results, and in writing if tire sample(s) do not match factory benchmark.
  • All tests are deemed final when received from Blue Ridge Labs and ARDL.
  • Test results will be posted to upon completion of all tests.
  • All test results are final and can not be appealed.
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